Tosoh Silica's product classification

By manufacturing method

Precipitated silica (Nipsil®)

Typical grade (general purpose products)
Nipsil AQ、VN3、LP、L-300、ER、RS-150、NS、NA、KQ、EL

Special grade silica

Precipitated silica with controlled aggregate particle diameter
Typical grade
Nipsil K-500, G-300, N-300A, SP-200, TB-5012
E series (E-1011, E-220A, E-74P)

Hydrophobic silica(Nipsil® SS series)

Typical grade

Nipsil SS-50B, SS-50F, SS-178B, SS-210A, SS-30P, SAZ-24, SBY-61, SBY-80

*Nipsil and NIPGEL are registered trademarks of Tosoh Silica Corporation