Paint and ink applications

Silica for paint and ink matting agents

There are various types of paints and inks, and the required matte finish differs depending on the type.
We use our proprietary technology to precisely control the size of aggregate particles and aggregation structure, and by performing appropriate surface modification, we provide products that meet diverse user needs. In addition, we are constantly developing products to meet changing user needs.

Matting mechanism using silica

When wet-process silica is blended into paints, it forms fine bumps in the paint film and diffusely reflects light hitting the paint film, resulting in a matte paint film.

Light reflected on paint film

Application examples and recommended grades

1. Matting agent for plastic paint

This product is used in fields such as automobile interiors, home appliances, computers, and mobile terminals, where a high-grade matte finish is required. Grades with uniform and fine cohesive particle size are used to achieve a finely coated surface.

〈Recommended grades〉

Nipsil E-1011, Nipsil SS-50F, Nipsil WE-1011 .etc

Automotive interior
Computers, mobile terminals and peripheral products

2. Matting agent for synthetic leather coating and gravure ink

This product is used as a matting agent for synthetic leather and for gravure inks for films and wallpapers.
Grades that do not compromise the transparency of the coating film are used.
〈Recommended grades〉

Nipsil K-500, Nipsil AZ-204, Nipsil E-220A etc.

Synthetic leather coating (automobile seats)
Gravure inks for films (PET bottle labels)
Gravure inks for wallpaper

3. Matting agent for metal baking, woodworking and building materials

This product is used as a paint matting agent for steel products, wood products, siding boards, etc.
Grades with large aggregated particle size and high matting performance are used.
〈Recommended grades〉

Nipsil E-170, NIPGEL AZ-460, Nipsil SBY-61, Prototype WE-170 etc.

Steel products (warehouse)
Building exteriors (siding boards)
Woodwork (furniture, flooring)

Functional grades

1. Hydrophobic silica (Nipsil SS series)

The Nipsil SS Series, consisting of wet-process silica hydrophobized using our proprietary technology, provides water repellency, which improves chemical resistance, stain resistance, and other properties. It also has the effect of suppressing reactions with other compositions in the paint, contributing to improved storage stability of the paint.

Hydrophobic silica Hydrophobic silica

2. Silica for waterborne paints (Nipsil WE Series)

The use of solvents containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) poses a health hazard, and in recent years there has been a shift from solvent-based paints containing VOCs to waterborne paints in which the solvent is replaced by water. In response to this trend, we have developed the Nipsil WE Series of silica for waterborne paints, which has controlled wettability to water, enabling uniform dispersion in waterborne paints.
Comparison of wettability to water
水への濡れ性比較 水への濡れ性比較_en_sp

※Please refer to the technical data for detailed properties, etc.