Rubber and tire applications

Silica for rubber-reinforcing filler

Rubber-reinforcing filler refers to a compounding agent that improves the strength (reinforcing property) of rubber by bonding with rubber.
Carbon black (C/B) is known as a typical rubber-reinforcing filler, and is used in rubber products that require a high level of strength.
Silica, like carbon black, improves the strength of rubber and is commonly known as "white carbon."

We have been manufacturing silica for rubber-reinforcing fillers since our foundation, and have developed grades to suit different types of rubber and applications. Currently, we are also focusing on the improvement and development of silica for fuel-efficient tires, and will continue our research and development to meet the needs of the times, such as environmental friendliness and carbon neutrality.

Advantages of silica blending

Comparison of physical properties between C/B compound rubber and silica compound rubber
C/B Silica
Tensile break strength
Elongation ×
Wear resistance
Rolling resistance (tanδ) ×
  • icn

    Can be blended with colored rubber and transparent rubber

  • icn
    Increases rubber elongation and tensile break strength
  • icn

    Low rolling resistance*1

  • icn

    Excellent bending fatigue resistance*2

Application Examples and Recommended Grades

1. Rubber-reinforcing filler for industrial use

Rubber parts are used in such things as automobiles (except tires), buildings, and electrical components for their respective applications. Since various functions such as reinforcing property, compression set*3, and dynamic magnification*4 are required depending on the application of rubber parts, it is necessary to select silica grades that match the respective functions.
We offer a large number of grades to meet such diverse needs.

〈Examples of uses〉

Automotive rubber parts aside from tires

Oil seals, hoses, and belts around engines, anti-vibration rubber for automotive electronic components, etc.

General industrial rubber parts

Conveyor belts, printing rolls, etc.

Architectural rubber parts

Anti-vibration rubber, seismic isolation rubber, vibration control rubber, etc.

Rubber parts for general household use

Water supply gaskets, etc.
〈Recommended grades〉

Nipsil VN3, Nipsil ER, Nipsil EL etc. (Click here to see a table of recommended grades for required rubber properties)

Hoses, Belts
Anti-vibration rubber, Seismic isolation rubber
Gaskets, sealing materials

2. Reinforcing filler for silicone rubber

Silicone rubber is a highly transparent rubber and is used for rubber parts in a wide range of fields because of its excellent heat, cold, and weather resistance. Our grades of reinforcing fillers for silicone rubber can improve reinforcement property and bending fatigue resistance without compromising transparency.
〈Examples of uses〉

Rubber parts for electrical and electronic materials

Wire coating materials, remote control buttons, keypads, sealing materials, gaskets, etc.

Medical rubber parts

Rubber stoppers, catheters, etc.

Household rubber goods

Kitchen utensils, toys, baby bottles, etc.

Rubber parts for general household use

Caulking and sealing materials
〈Recommended grades〉

Nipsil LP, Nipsil SS-30P, etc.

Remote control buttons
Kitchen supplies

3. Silica for rubber-reinforcing filler

Fuel efficient tires often use silica for the purpose of reducing rolling resistance of tires. With the growing awareness of environmental issues, fuel efficient tires have gained widespread recognition, and sales of tires with fuel efficiency performance with additional features are increasing. In order to meet such needs, we have been making efforts to develop grades specifically for fuel efficient tires, and in recent years we have succeeded in developing a silica with greatly improved wear resistance (long-life performance), which had been a weak point of tires containing silica.

〈Examples of uses〉

Passenger car tires

Studless winter tire

Large tire

〈Recommended grades〉

Nipsil AQ, Nipsil KQ, etc.

Introduction of silica with improved dispersibility

  • Nipsil MR series

    (powder type)

  • Nipsil SDR series

    (granule type)

This is a highly reinforced type of silica that improves silica dispersion in rubber using our proprietary technology.
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