Tosoh Silica's Vision

Tosoh Silica's Vision

Responsibilities as a silica manufacturer

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of wet-process silica as a member of the Tosoh Group.
Since our establishment in 1959, we have grown together with our customers by building relationships of trust with them one by one based on our management philosophy.
Our silica is used in a wide variety of applications, including synthetic rubber.
Today, as Japan's top supplier of wet-process silica, we recognize that we have an important social responsibility.
We will continue to produce wet-process silica products that meet the needs of the times and contribute to the enrichment of society and people's lives.

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    Tosoh Silica's message of coexistence with the natural environment

    Tosoh Silica endeavors to develop products that address recent environmental issues, such as silica for fuel-efficient tires that contributes to the reduction of CO₂ emissions, as well as silica that can be blended into waterborne paints.

    In response to the Japanese government's Declaration of Carbon Neutrality for the year 2050 and its revised greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets for fiscal 2030, the Tosoh Group has established GHG reduction targets, and we are promoting our own initiatives.

    We are also working to preserve the natural environment by participating in local river cleanups and forest maintenance activities, and through our corporate activities we contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

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    Reinforcement of business foundation

    In 2020, we established Tosoh Namhae Silica Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Namhae Chemical Corporation of Korea, as a production base for silica for fuel-efficient tires.

    By securing this, our second production base, overseas, we are strengthening our business structure by ensuring a stable supply of silica for fuel-efficient tires.

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    Reliable, high-quality silica production

    Under the principle of "Always providing the highest quality", we are committed to offering products that satisfy customers and earn their trust.
    We have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, and will continue striving to make further improvements in terms of product quality and stable supply.

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    Advanced development capabilities to unlock the potential of silica

    Wet-process silica, synthesized under specific conditions, exhibits a variety of properties.
    It is expected to be a material that can be adapted to a wide range of applications by demonstrating multifaceted functions, such as reinforcing, thickening, matting, oil absorption, adsorption, and heat insulation.

    Based on a pool of knowledge and technology cultivated over the more than 60 years since our foundation, we are working to develop products rich in originality that can respond to new needs and seeds.
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    Diverse product lineup and attentive sales support

    We conduct our sales activities by accurately grasping market needs through the intensive exchange of information with our customers.
    We are able to respond to a wide variety of customer issues with the mobility that comes from our adaptability, allowing us to be quick to respond to shifting circumstances, as well as an extensive product lineup with over 100 different grades available.